Lakein Jewelers

There is a small jewelry store in Hamilton, Lakein’s Jewelers, that I came across because of an article in the Baltimore Sun by Dan Rodricks. He said he got a watch fixed that others couldn’t.

A Story About a Watch

I had a watch that was given me by an old girlfriend just before we broke up. This was years ago. It never worked right and no one I took it to could fix it.

Since it was supposedly something like a $400 watch and that was over 20 years ago, it is probably worth a good bit more if it worked. Ironically, the watch is made by Hamilton. So I finally mailed it off to Hamilton to be repaired and they sent it back saying it was out of date and they didn’t have the parts.

So, having seen the article in the Sun, I took the watch to Lakein’s and they said they would see what they could do. A while later I picked up the watch and it was working. Still, I was dubious because the watch would sometimes seem to work for a short while and then go haywire again. It has been a couple of months now and it is working fine. First time ever.

Art Deco Style Store

The store looks like a throw back in that it looks art deco in style. However, it looks like it was done new in the art deco style and never changed.

Family Run

Lakein’s is family run and was started in 1913 and at one time had 4 stores in the Baltimore area and one in Florida. As different family members have died the different stores have closed leaving just the store on Harford Road in Hamilton.

The prices seem reasonable and they are very service oriented. They must be able to keep prices down because of low overhead. Stop by and see them sometime if you are in the area.