About the Camera Zone

We take verbal “snapshots” of Maryland businesses. We tell you what we like and don’t like about them. These opinions are based on our interactions with the businesses. You may have had a different experience and therefore a different opinion.

We don’t pull punches. If we don’t like a business, we will tell you why. If we like a business, likewise, we will also tell you why.

In some cases it is about the products that the company is selling. In other cases it is about the services provided, and sometimes it is both. An example would be the restaurant An Poitin Stil  which we had never been to and looked forward to since there always seemed to be a lot of cars in the parking lot. Perhaps we hit them on a bad day. There was one issue after another, starting with the bread which could have been used as a weapon. However, the waiter was wonderful. So poor product but great service.