PG Used Appliances

PG Used Appliances is located in Lanham, MD and they serve the greater Washington DC metropolitan area which includes of course Prince George’s County where they are located.

Wide Selection

They have a broader range of appliances than most used appliance stores. This includes refrigerators, washers and dryers, stoves, dishwashers and microwaves. Most used appliance stores don’t carry dishwashers or microwaves.

Scratch and Dent

Besides used appliances, PG Used Appliances also has scratch and dent appliances. These are new appliances that have a scratch or dent as the name implies and so the manufacturers won’t let them be sold as new. You get to buy them at a big discount.

Scratch and dent are a great deal. Used appliances can be as well because PG Used Appliances sells top brand names. For the same price you pay for a cheap new appliance, you can get a high quality used appliance that typically has more features as well as being better built.

Variety of Colors, Styles and Sizes

There are a selection of colors, styles, models and sizes. There is always stainless steel, black and white. Usually there is bisque too. Then, especially for washers and dryers, there can be olive, blue, red, gray and other colors.

The fridges come in two door, three door and sometimes four door. The two door can be top and bottom, with the freezer on top in some and bottom on others. There is also a side by side with two vertical doors. Then there is the three door which is also called a French Door refrigerator, which has a freezer on the bottom and double vertical doors on the top.

Stoves come in electric and gas. The electric can be the coil type or the ceramic glass top.

Washers and dryers can be top loading or front loading and PG Used Appliances also carries the stackable washers and dryers which are great for small spaces and apartments.

Repairs, Delivery and Warranty

We spoke with Malik at the store and he showed us out back where they test all the appliances that come in to be sure that they work properly before being sold. If working, great. If they aren’t working properly, they get fixed or taken to the scrap yard.

PG Used Appliances will also deliver and install, usually for $50. There is a 30-day warranty on all the products. If anything goes wrong, it will either be repaired or replaced.

We have had good luck with them. We know a number of landlords who use their services too. They wouldn’t keep coming back if they weren’t satisfied. You can contact them at:

PG Used Appliances

9457 Lanham Road

Lanham, Maryland 20706-2641