Annapolis Clean Carpet

Annapolis Clean Carpet has been serving the Annapolis and Severna Park communities for the last twenty years. They consider themselves to be reasonably priced as a carpet cleaner, particularly for the job they do. Reasonably priced does not mean low-ball. The quality of their work is outstanding.

History of Annapolis Clean Carpet

Prior to carpet cleaning Steve was in ready-to-wear retailing. It may seem like a big leap from one to the other, but the prior experience was useful for several reasons. First, it meant that Steve was very familiar with fabrics which helps in dealing with carpets, rugs, upholstery and draperies. Second, it drove home the importance of customer service.

As part of that customer service, they are willing to work around your schedules as they did for us. Plus, they will move furniture as needed to do the job, and be careful of any fragile items. They will also take great care of keys and locking up if necessary. In fact, many long time customers have them clean the carpets and upholstery while they are on vacation or at work.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Annapolis Clean Carpet also does commercial carpet cleaning. If you want to improve employee morale or customer satisfaction, have them come in and clean your company’s carpets. The bright clean look will improve everyone’s mood.

Carpet Cleaning Certifications

They are members of IICRC, the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification and abide by their standards for carpet cleaning and other cleaning services. Although not a certification, they are also fully insured.

Cleaning Services Provided

Carpet Cleaning and Commercial Carpet Cleaning using steam cleaning methods. They have truck mounted units and portable units. Studies have shown that commercial steam cleaning units do a much more thorough job than ones that your rent, or just vacuuming. It removes pollen, dirt, odors, pet stains and mold and fungi that build up over time.

Rug Cleaning is another specialty that Annapolis Clean Carpet does. Oriental or Persian rugs and other types of rugs tend to need special handling and cleaning that is different from carpeting.

Upholstery Cleaning can really make a difference in the way a piece of furniture looks and can increase its life. Since people are sitting in them they tend to pick up the oils that are naturally present on your body which then get into the fabric and discolor it over time. The original look can usually be restored with a good upholstery cleaning job according to Annapolis Clean Carpet.

Drapery Cleaning can save the hassle of taking your draperies down and taking them to the dry cleaner. They do both residential and commercial drapery cleaning.

Water Damage can often be taken care of if done quickly. Annapolis Clean Carpet has been able to save a lot of carpets, rugs, upholstered furniture and draperies if you call them soon enough to when the damage happens. You don’t want mold to start growing and other damage to occur by not quickly drying the carpets and other items and getting them cleaned.

We have been impressed by the skill and service provided by Annapolis Clean Carpet and recommend them to you.